International Rapier Seminar, Delft 5-6 April 2014

The International Rapier Seminar was held on 5 and 6 April 2014 in Delft in the Netherlands. The entire seminar, which lasted for two full days, was focused on the Art of Fencing with the Rapier, as practiced in different parts of Europe in the seventeenth century. Participants of the seminar were able to follow classes by widely renowned European instructors presenting their different rapier styles, spar freely against other practitioners of rapier fencing from all over Europe, and participate in a tournament. Two classes were running in parallel at all times - one aimed at experienced rapierists, and one for beginners.

The International Rapier Seminar was held in the beautiful historical city of Delft. Delft has been an important city in Dutch history for a long time, and has strong ties to our Royal House of Orange. In 1572 William of Orange (aka the Silent) settled in Delft, and Delft effectively became the Capital of the newly pronounced independent Netherlands in 1581. In 1584, William of Orange was shot and killed, in Delft. The bullet holes caused by his assassination can still be seen in the wall of the Prinsenhof. William's beautiful mausoleum can be viewed in Delft's Nieuwe Kerk (New Church). Another Delftenaar of note was the famous painter Johannes Vermeer, whose work can be explored in the Vermeer Centre. Our Seminar also presented an excellent opportunity to participants who chose to do so to enjoy this beautiful Dutch city.

The International Rapier Seminar was sponsored by Danelli Armouries and by Darkwood Armory.

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